Global view of the reservoir of fly fishing

Reservoir of fly fishing

Latournerie Lake


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News of Latournerie Lake

2011-2012 season : Fishing at Lake Latournerie is closed up to October.

Global view of the reservoir of fly fishing

The Latournerie Lake is a peaceful place, away from the noisy and modern world. It is a place where nature and men are one and the same.

The lake is surrounded by the Pyrenees and is near the medieval city of Mirepoix and its famous cathedral, in Ariège, at the heart of the Cathar country. Peace and harmony are the keywords here, and if you appreciate them, the light contrasts and the preserved nature will also delight you.

The Latournerie Lake will charm you thanks to the quality of its clear waters, its ancient oaks, and its alders and willows quivering in the wind. The fish are used to the life cycles and have adjusted to them very well. They are still able to get food on the surface and they are at home in the lake. Here, the master techniques are the dry fly and the midges.

A big rainbow trout of latournerie Lake

I am deeply convinced that trouts get educated and memorize things far more slowly when they are touched by fake flies, so there are no streamers, or bobbies, or eggs, or any other devious technique used in the Latournerie Lake. I keep a watchful eye on this because, after all, the true fishing lovers who are sensitive to anything else than figures or competition enjoy their time here and catch very feisty fish which leave them with true memories of fly fishing.

There is no point in hurrying ! When the alarm bell sounds, it is time to warm up by the fireplace in the inn of the lake.

Fellow fishermen, welcome to the Latournerie Lake.

Jean-Charles Bousquet

Contact : + 33 (0)5 61 69 81 38

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